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The Majesty of Half Dome

Couple of days ago while hiking I was musing about the Nature of earth.

Earth dirt earth.

It hit me! BAM!

Within a handful of dirt is transformation! Close examination will reveal tiny granules of sand, silt or clay. Consider for a moment that each one of these grains were one rock that was once part of the molten interior of the very Earth itself! Eons ago- literally from its formation as a planet even. Who-ah Dude! Think on that a sec!

Through wind and rain; freeze and thaw; from boulder to rock, rock to stone-stone to sand-sand to clay-clay to silt- all giving bits of itself to geologic process that take millions of years to unfold.

If we take the time to look, all around us is evidence of the transformative activity of immeasurable time. Snow and rain- first accumulating- then transporting, depositing. Again- moving- now rubbing the rough edges smooth as earth Substance transitions from one form to another.

Within our hand, within this ordinary moment, is this extraordinary moment, a glimpse of the Alpha and the Omega!

Every bit as majestic as Half Dome itself!


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