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Believe It! Or Not?

Croagh Patrick

Ernest Holmes:

Every normal-minded person believes in something greater than himself. Every scientific person is compelled to admit that there is Intelligence in the Universe, whether or not he ascribes the elements of personality to It. It is not a mark of intelligence to deny a supreme something. There is an absolute and positive Presence to which we may consciously come and which will consciously respond to us. This universal presence does not bless some and damn others, but responds to everyone who approaches It.

We have a right to believe this for the simple reason that we can talk to one another and be understood by one another. So far as we understand the law of intelligence we may set it down as axiomatic that intelligence responds to intelligence, intelligently. If this is true of man, the part, why is it not true of the Whole? Universal Intelligence, if It exists, must respond to us. God is more that an infinite It, more that a cold Principle without any motivation of feeling and emotion.


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