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"Mike McMorrow joins a small pantheon of authors like Alan Cohen, Dan Millman, and Don Miguel Ruiz, who make deep spiritual principles accessible to everyone.”  

How many of us know a kindhearted person who could nonetheless use a nudge to get his life unstuck and move toward a life more effective and prosperous? Written from a sometimes irreverent blue collar perspective, BLUE COLLAR SPIRITUALITY invites the reader to explore his/her “stuckness,” to identify challenges then use them to not only define a course of action but to find the impetus and power to carry out a new course of action. With direct language, humor, and simple exercises, McMorrow identifies the challenges of daily living from a “been there, done that” perspective.  He offers real direction and hope, and a guided discovery to an understanding of “A God that Works,” greater in scope, connection, power, and vision, and which leads the way to one’s most effective and love-filled life!  BLUE COLLAR SPIRITUALITY is a book for any working person and the people who love them!


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